Get A Taste Of Grace

November 13th, 2012

What is Grace Baptist Church really like on a Sunday morning and a Sunday evening? Both the 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM services feature inspiring singing of the timeless and classic hymns of the faith. What some more progressive churches refer to as a Traditional Service we simple embrace as a Biblical Service. Our Sunday services won’t remind you of a rock concert but the comforting sound of sincere and sacred worship. In this Age Of Rock it is still possible to experience a church that promotes the Rock Of Ages.

In addition to wonderful and soul thrilling congregational singing each service features the dynamic musical ministries of our Adult (AM) and Teenage (PM) choirs. Special music sung by the many talented and dedicated singers in our church blesses hearts both before the preaching time and at other times in the services with solos, ensembles, trios, quartets and other vocal and instrumental numbers. After hearts have been blessed and prepared for the preaching we open the word of God for the message. Every sermon is a Bible based message intended to first of all present Jesus Chist as the one and only true hope for personal salvation. The added emphasis of every message is to encourage, edify and exhort believers to discover the joys and blessings of living a life commited to God.

After attending a recent service a visitor stopped me after the service and said, “Pastor this is the way church used to be.” They went on to rejoice by saying, “It has been far too long since I left church feeling truly edified rather than simply entertained.” Grace Baptist Church is filled to capacity service after service. In just the past 6 weeks over 65 precious people trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour at the conclusion of a service. You can now enjoy messages from our Sunday morning and Sunday evening services by clicking on the link – Get A Taste Of Grace on our church website. Join the hundreds of other believers who weekly enjoy the Bible based preaching and teaching at Grace

Most Important Election In My Lifetime!

November 2nd, 2012
In just 4 days the Most Important Election In My Lifetime will be held. There have been 13 Presidential Elections held in the United States during my lifetime. I sincerely believe without trying to cry wolf that none has ever been more serious. Will we continue on a runaway train toward socialism and moral relativism or will we be able to throw on the brakes and attempt to return this great nation to its founding principles of limited government and personal liberty? We are at a crossroads and there are profound moral issues at stake.

It may seem strange for a conservative pastor to quote Billy Graham. Billy in his early years did much good and was used of God in a mighty way. Sadly in the past several decades, the world’s most famous evangelist has increasingly moved away from the strict Biblical foundations of his earlier years. Yet even Billy Graham, who has been very quiet in past elections has spoken out on the importance of this election. Printed in today’s USA Today newspaper are the following words from Evangelist Billy Graham: “On Nov. 6, the day before my 94th birthday, our nation will hold one of the most critical elections in my lifetime. We are at a crossroads and there are profound moral issues at stake. I strongly urge you to vote for candidates who support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman, protect the sanctity of life and defend our religious freedoms. The Bible speaks clearly on these crucial issues. Please join me in praying for America, that we will turn our hearts back toward God.”
The add containing these words have run in the Wisconsin State Journal, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and more than a dozen newspapers altogether. I could not agree with Billy any more. This truly is the Most Important Election In My Lifetime!

Regardless of whether you agree with Billy or not, please exercise your constitutional right and vote your conscience and your convictions next Tuesday!