R A Torrey gravesite

We Need Revival Now!

January 23rd, 2013

I was preaching a revival meeting several years ago in Binghamton, New York. During the meeting I was privilege to visit the grave of the famous Evangelist R. A. Torrey in Montrose, Pennsylvania, on the grounds of the Montrose Bible Conference. R. A. Torrey joined Dwight L. Moody in his evangelistic work in Chicago in 1889, and became superintendent of the Bible Institute of the Chicago Evangelization Society (Now Moody Bible Institute). Five years later, he became pastor of the Chicago Avenue Church (Now The Moody Church) in 1894.

Torrey went on a world-wide evangelistic tour in 1902–1903, preaching in nearly every part of the English-speaking world. Along with song leader Charles M. Alexander he conducted revival services in Great Britain from 1903 to 1905. During this period, he also visited China, Japan, Australia, and India. Torrey conducted a similar campaign in American and Canadian cities in 1906–1907. Throughout these campaigns, Torrey became a world renowned expert on the subject of revival.

Reuben Archer Torrey went home to be with the Lord at the age of 72 on October 26, 1928. While Torrey has been dead now for 85 years the need for revival in our churches and in the lives of individual Christians has never been greater. If revival was needed in Torrey’s day, how badly is it needed today? R.A. Torrey gave a prescription for revival. Listen to the counsel of the great evangelist:

R A Torrey“I can give a prescription that will bring a revival to any church or community or any city on earth.
First, let a few Christians (they need not be many) get thoroughly right with God themselves. This is the prime essential. If this is not done, the rest that I am to say will come to nothing.
Second, let them bind themselves together in a prayer group to pray for a revival until God opens the heavens and comes down.
Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God for Him to use as He sees fit in
 others to Christ. That is all!

Torrey said, “This is sure to bring a revival to any church or community. I have given this prescription around the world. It has been taken by many churches and many communities, and in no instance has it ever failed; and it cannot fail!

Another great Evangelist Charles G. Finney defined Revival as: “Nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God. Just as in the case of a converted sinner, the first step is a deep repentance, a breaking down of heart, a getting down into the dust before God, with deep humility, and a forsaking of sin.”

Evangelist Gypsy Smith was once asked how to start a revival. He answered: “Go home, lock yourself in your room, kneel down in the middle of your floor. Draw a chalk mark all around yourself and ask God to start the revival inside that chalk mark. When He has answered your prayer, the revival will be on.”