I Still Believe There Is HOPE!

February 19th, 2013
Bro. Ramos And I Sking With Some Of Our Teens
At Nubs Nob February 15th
We have kicked off 2013 with tremendous energy here at Grace Baptist Church. Our 2013 theme is “There Is Hope!”  For January our theme was “There Is Hope In Our Heavenly Father.” For February our theme has been “There Is Hope For Our Homes And Families.” It has been so exciting, in spite of a lot of crazy winter weather, to see our building packed service after service as folks are both Eager and Excited to Seek God and to Serve God.

For the month of March our church theme is, “There Is Hope For Our Heritage And Future.” The month of March is all about teenagers and reaching the next generation with the gospel and with a heart for the “Old Time Religion.” I refuse to believe that it is only possible to reach teenagers with CCM, and watered down, seeker sensitive, emerging church, market driven ministry methods. There are still tens of thousands of teenagers all over this country who love the Bible, believe in chastity, want to have a good testimony, desire holiness and who are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For 26 years now Grace Baptist Church has hosted a winter teen conference called “Winter Teenage Spectacular.” The dates for this year’s conference are March 7-9, 2013. You can get more information about this year’s conference and past conferences by going to teenspec.com. Thousands of teens have attended over the years with hundreds receiving Christ as Saviour and thousands making decisions to following and serve Him with their lives. The music is conservative, the preaching is red hot and the crowds continue to grow. There is still a generation of teenagers who want to do right and who love the heritage of faith that we call genuine Christianity. I still have HOPE!
Bring your teens and join us for a time of spiritual renewal and spiritual revival with over 1000 other teens from many states and hundreds of churches! We truly anticipate a life changing conference again this year.   I Still Believe There Is HOPE!