Please Pray For Our Son Brandon!

February 11th, 2013

Today is a real serious day in our family. Our son Brandon is in surgery right now at UT Southwestern, St. Paul Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Brandon is our middle son and is married to a wonderful girl, Christina. Our daughter-in-law is the oldest daughter of a great Evangelist.

Brandon is having PVC ablation surgery right now. I just received a text from Christina that the doctors have also decided to give Brandon a defibrillator as well. This was determined as a result of the EPC study that they have been conducting during the surgery. Brandon has been having a lot of heart complications over the past two years. He is only 23 years old but we are confident that he is both in God’s hands and will. We are very thankful that he is in such good medical hands there in Dallas. We are also tremendously thankful for his awesome wife as she is such a support and blessing. Please pray for both Brandon and Christina as they go through this difficult ordeal together.

Brandon and Christina go to a good church, Lighthouse Baptist Church, of Wylie, Texas, pastored by Dr. James Rasbeary. I am truly thankful for the spiritual leadership that Bro. Rasbeary provides to my married children. Our family cherishes your prayers at this time!