Passion Week?

March 20th, 2013

The religious world has referred to thetime from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday) as the Passion Week(Also Known As Holy Week). Religious historians tell us that Passion Week is so named because of thePassion with which Jesus willingly went to the cross in order to pay for the sins of His people. Passion Week is described in Matthew 21-27; Mark 11-15; Luke 19-23; and John 12-19. Jesus Christ truly revealed His Passion for us in the suffering He willingly went through on our behalf. History tells us that this terminology, Passion Week, was largely given to us by Roman Catholicism.

The Moravian Church was started by John Hus in the late fourteenth century. The church was established by Hus who wanted to return the church to the "purer" practices of early Christianity. The Moravians were some of the most dedicated and committed Christians in church history. The Moravian Church was everything but Catholic. John Hus was a former Catholic priest. I tell you this because even the Moravians used the name "Passion Week" for Holy Week.

I have always been reluctant to refer to this week, the time from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, as the Passion Week because of its Catholic connotation. My discomfort with the religiosity of this terminology and this week is the hypocrisy often associated with Easter in most non-Biblical and liberal Christian circles. But it really is not a problem for me to hear this sacred week referred to as the Passion Week. For truly our Saviour did reveal His Passion for us on the cross.

My challenge to you this Easter season is not to rebuke folks for referring to the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday as the Passion Week. My challenge to you is to be just as Passionate for Jesus the other 51 weeks of the year as you are during the Easter season.

People who are Passionate about serving Jesus Christ are a thrill to be around. I recently came across a message by a well know youth Pastor who had this to say about his Passion. He said, “I love fighting for teenagers, working with them, serving them, walking with them, and showing them what it means to know Christ’s love and walk with Him. I love getting together with youth pastors because we have so much in common, even if we’ve never met. Nothing needs to be said, we give it all for teens. And I love youth ministry because, unfortunately, we are sometimes the last line of defense for teenagers. If there is nobody else praying for the teens in our communities, we won’t give up. We’ll keep praying, keep loving, and keep serving, and we do it all in Jesus’ name.” When I read that I could feel his Passion.

I have observed that the majority of successful youth workers would admit that they made their way into youth ministry because they’ve been transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ and are Passionate to see teenagers experience a similar transformation. They see the potential that lies within teenagers when Jesus Christ gets a hold of their heart and mind. They see their gifts and abilities and know they can make a significant contribution in the Body of Christ and in the world. Seeing all of this is what fuels their Passion.

Are you Passionate about the things of God or are you simply observing Passion Week?

1. When People Are Passionate They Focus On Their Passion. For example, many people are Passionate about a hobby. I am not scolding you for that but are you just as Passionate about church, Bible study, prayer, serving God and bringing others to Jesus Christ?

2. When People Are Passionate They Are Committed To Their Passion Even When No One Is Looking. Passionatepeople work hard and improve continually and don’t do it for an audience. They are committed to learning and improving in their area of Passion.

3. When People Are Passionate They Serve Out Of Joy. Passionate Christians last longer in ministry. Joyful people take less time to get recharged and refreshed. Everyone needs down time, but Passionate believers require less rest because they’re being fueled and not drained by their Passion.

4. When People Are Passionate They Attract Other People Who Are Passionate. People love being around Passionate people, they are contagious. Everyone is looking, and longing, to be connected to someone’s Passion. Passionate people understand that serving God out of your Passion is the better way to live.