Helping The Hurting!

 April 3rd, 2013

Everywhere we look today people are hurting. People have been disappointed, wounded, disenfranchised, mistreated, discouraged, abused, criticized, lied to and lied about. The list of injuries that people have suffered at the hands of others both without churches and within churches is heartbreaking to absorb.  Is there any end to the sadness that engulfs our world? Of course the answer to this question is not as simple as we wish.

Jesus Christ, of course is the healer of the broken hearted, but do we truly understand how to Grasp and Get His healing message to the broken? Let me give you a simple formula for Helping The Hurting. It all begins by understanding the two most profound statements found in I John 4:8 and I John 4:16. In both of these great verses the Bible states that, “…God is Love…”. That means that intrinsically, God is pure love. He bestows His love on every living soul. His amazing grace for our sin comes through this love:
1.   God’s Grace

God desires intimate, unbroken fellowship with us. However, a wide gulf exists between Sinful Man and a Holy God. Considering how far the heart of Sinful Man really is from a Holy God (Jeremiah 17:9) it is mind-boggling that God, longs to unite Himself with us. Yet He passionately pursues sinners. God hates our sin but He never hates us! His love for mankind drives God too relentlessly want to embrace man. It does not matter how often He is hurt, He loves you and I. Call it whatever you wish, I call it Amazing Grace.

2.   God’s Compassion

God’s Grace is His first step toward man but His Compassion takes Him a step further. He not only welcomes the repentant, wayward sinner home with a smile and a loving embrace but He has compassion on our addictions, our issues, our failures and our very fallen natures. He sees our struggles and that in our very heart of hearts we want to do right, yet we yield and fall time and again to temptation. A compassionate person sees the needs of others and is moved to do something about it. The Lord is full of compassion toward us. His compassion moves Him to meet our needs.

3.   God’s Mercy

I love Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” What do hurting hearts need most? Mercy is the answer. Mercy is what each of us need, and when it is bestowed it is love in action. Grace is the welcoming smile and embrace of God. Compassion is the natural response of a loving God toward our needs. Mercy is the provision for that need. For the hungry mercy is food. For the thirsty mercy is water. For the cold mercy is shelter and warmth. For the discouraged mercy is encouragement. For the rebellious mercy is repentance. For the defeated mercy is victory. For the lost mercy is salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

How can we as New Testament Baptist Churches and Christians truly Help The Hurting? Show them Love, Grace, Compassion, Mercy! This is found in Jesus Christ and Him Alone!